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JNJ Polymer Industries produce Masterbatches in a variety of colors and specifications. We have a wide range of various Masterbatch such as Filler Masterbatch, White Masterbatch, Black Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch, Additive Masterbatches which are widely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, HIPS, ABS, and other plastic injection molding, extrusion, blown film, drawing, whitening, flame retardant, anti-static and other modified processing industries.

We understand the importance of affordability and accessibility, which is why we offer our Masterbatches at competitive prices. We also provide samples of our Masterbatches to help customers make informed decisions about the right products for their needs.

Our products are designed to provide excellent color uniformity and long-lasting performance, making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications. We will assist you in defeating your toughest handling and production difficulties our products made explicitly for you.

Filler Masterbatch

This Masterbatch is micronized Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch which is comprised of special raw materials whereas PE or PP resin is utilized as the carrier resin.

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Color Masterbatch

Color Masterbatch offered by us use PP or PE as the carrier polymers whereas dyes and pigments are added with special additives to meet various Color shade requirements. 

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Black Masterbatch

We offer a top-performing vast range of Black Masterbatch for various end-use applications. With JnJ Polymer Industries vast experience in Masterbatch compounding.

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White Masterbatch

With JnJ Polymer Industries expertise of compounding, we have utilized our extensive knowledge in making our White Masterbatch products which offer excellent dispersion and brightness.

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UV Masterbatch

Our UV Masterbatch properly disperses in carrier polymers and increases the shelf life of molded and extruded products when exposed to sunlight.

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Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Optical brightener additive is also called Fluorescent Whitening agents. 

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Anti-static Masterbatch

Anti-static Masterbatch minimize the build-up of static charges on the surface of plastic articles that can attract dust or be a hazard in environments containing flammable materials. 

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Additive Masterbatch

We offer a variety of additives that enhance and reinforce both Polymers and Masterbatch itself to suit customer requirements during the application process and in the final plastic product.