We offer a variety of additives that enhance and reinforce both polymers and Masterbatch itself to suit customer requirements during the application process and in the final plastic product.

UV Masterbatch

Our UV Masterbatch properly disperses in carrier polymers and increases the shelf life of molded and extruded products when exposed to sunlight. It also offers weatherability to molded items for outdoor applications. Our experts know your materials, how to mix with other raw materials, and how they react under different manufacturing processes. Using our extensive know-how and years of experience, we take into account each product’s unique characteristics and service conditions, including climate exposure, chemical environment, Color, life expectancy and more to identify which UV light stabilizer in our innovative range best suits your needs.

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Optical brightener is likewise called Fluorescent Whitening agents. These Masterbatches work through a fluorescent system that retains light in the UV range and emanates light in the blue region of visible range to yield a more brilliant and brighter appearance. These agents are used to hide the natural yellowing of the plastics and give a better initial Color. We have developed our Optical Brightener Masterbatch specifically for a multitude of polymer and resin systems to ensure you the best possible performance.

Anti-static Masterbatch

Anti-static Masterbatch minimize the build-up of static charges on the surface of plastic articles that can attract dust or be a hazard in environments containing flammable materials. Our Antistatic Masterbatch works by migrating to the surface of the polymer and are often used to simplify manufacturing processes by replacing more expensive and messy secondary coating operations. Depending on application performance requirements, anti-static Masterbatch can be a viable option.