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Color Matching

Our Advance Laboratory is equipped with top-class color matching and quality control facilities to match and develop various Color Masterbatch according to the customer’s requirements on color shades, color strength, product specifications, processes, and applications. With our technical team’s expertise, we are able to design and match wide range of Colors with accuracy and consistency. The accuracy and precision are the foundations in the development of various colors by our experienced technical team. Our in house team offers instant Color matching and quotation depending on the requirement and complexity of the product.

We Provide

Technical Support

We understand the importance of meeting customer requirements with high-quality products. We ensure the quality of our product through state of the art well-equipped Quality Control Lab. Our well experienced technical team works hard to provide best experience and quality products to our customers. You can rely on us for any assistance and high quality products.

We Provide

Testing Facilities

We provide independent testing facilities to our customers and vendors. Our Advanced Laboratory is designed to practice different testing methods. With the modern and advanced equipment, we can carry out the required testing as per our customer’s requirement. You can rely on our experienced technical team for the accuracy of testing results.