Reddit gays detail their particular many a€?surreala€? sexual experiences

Fans of this r/askgaybros subreddit grabbed a NSFW travels down storage lane not too long ago after one consumer requested all of them your a€?most unique, unanticipated intimate encountera€? that they had ever skilled. And it appears like every person have a tale to share: any particular one bond had gotten a lot more than 285 statements. Here are some highlights from conversation, gently censored and edited for readability.

The lonely roommate

a€?once I was a student in college, I had a semi-crush back at my right roommate, your being popular and all sorts of. Eventually, I got home from a four-day excursion, in which he said that he missed myself and wished to know if i needed to get naked and join your within his room the nights. I joined him, also it had been hot. I didn’t decide as gay or bi at the time.a€?


a€?we came residence for summertime after my personal freshman season of university, we continued Grindr, and that I watched a youth buddy’s dad on there. I realized he with his spouse lately just got separated, but i did not learn why. We took an attempt and messaged him. We ended up at his place, in which he f*cked me personally all-around his apartment all-night. 24 hours later, we installed with his child but failed to make sure he understands what I did the evening before.a€?

The laughing healthy

a€?I am not sure if this matters, but my personal sweetheart and I also are experiencing hella foreplay, we hold edging, and he offers me personally a handjob, and I also actually starting moaning like I nothing you’ve seen prior, loud and sensual, a€?cause they believed therefore incredible. We check out make visual communication with your, and I bust around laughing in midst and I also come in the middle of a intense laughter fit-like, dried out heaving laughing-and it was so intense orgasmically but an unusual surreal enjoy.a€?

The barracks hook-up

a€?I found myself starting a desk job in the Navy for the mid a€?90s. My personal closest colleagues were a quartermaster another lieutenant from military. I was undertaking rounds in barracks on per night view, heard sounds, and unlocked a door and discovered those two supposed at they. For remaining period, they did every little thing they are able to to avoid staying in work. I stored grinning, in addition to their confronts held modifying between 50 tones of red.a€?

The party hosts

a€?Once in college, I happened to be at my buddies’ house or apartment with a lot of visitors. The hosts comprise an engaged gay couple, and appreciated to host fireplace evenings at their unique destination. In any event, we had been all having a great time, sipping and enjoying the evening. Anyone eventually began to leave, and it also had been as a result of only myself, the hosts, and another your colleagues. The hosts a€?turned in’ when it comes to night, plus the rest of us talked slightly further. After a few years, the coworker leftover, in addition to additional host asked basically desired to remain and cuddle using them both. (perhaps not the very first time we’d finished that, mind you, but absolutely nothing intimate happened others time.) And so I stated positive because it was already late, but once we decided to go to the bed room, the one who went to bed very early is awake and waiting around for us during the bed naked. We proceeded to own incredible gender till way too early in the early morning. Still the most effective intercourse i have have.a€?

The airport link

a€?I found myself in the airport traveling to Budapest from my nation, and my cousin ended up being coming with me at the same time, so we comprise only awaiting the doorways associated with the planes to open in 20 minutes, and that I was on Grindr examining men out, following we realized that has been someone who had been two meters from me. He previously a blank profile, in which he messaged me personally, very however searched around me there’s a chubby bear (my means) that’s resting inside front myself, and actually the moment I looked at your, he furthermore considered me, and in addition we both smiled, although we didn’t actually state almost anything to each other on the chat beside your stating, a€?hello.’ Very, the guy stands up and goes toward the bathroom which is close by, and I determine my buddy that i’ll the bathroom actual fast at the same time…a€?

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